The STORK Summit 2022

Moving Toward Better Research Practices in Kinesiology

STORK's mission is to provide a platform for kinesiologists and movement, sport, exercise, physical activity and health scientists to come together to improve methods and practices within our respective disciplines. The STORK Summit will provide an opportunity to advance this mission, by providing the time and space for STORK members to come together to exchange knowledge, generate ideas and develop strategies, all with the ultimate goal of advancing the quality of our collective research efforts. The STORK Summit will take place in an online format on June 7th & 8th 2022, and will comprise a mix between hack-a-thons (group projects with well-defined goals), expert-led tutorials and workshops, debates and brainstorming sessions. Importantly, opportunities for participant interaction, discussion and network development will be provided.

First 60 Free (Trainee) - FREE
  • Thanks to an award from the SIPS grant in aid funding scheme, trainee registration (undergraduate, graduate, and post-docs) fees for the first 60 applicants have been waived. Simply register using the button below.

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Option 1: Professional
Satellite Meetings - $200
  • Would you like to virtually attend The STORK Summit with a group of colleagues? Why not set up your own satellite conference? Get together a group of interested colleagues and virtually attend, either from a physical location within your university, or from home. Use the breaks and brainstorming sessions to discuss strategies that your group can implement. The group package includes a link that will allow up to 20 people to access the event, and we will invite a representative from the group to feedback on the group's experience, as well as any ideas that arose during the Summit. If you have any questions, or would like to organise a satellite meeting, please contact

Satellite Meeting
  • Here at STORK we believe that money should never be a barrier to participation. If you are keen to attend the STORK Summit (either virtually or in-person), but have difficulty in accessing the funds, just register by donating what you can. Alternatively, if you wish to promote STORK, and can pay more than the options above, additional donations are very welcome. ALL money received by STORK (membership fees, registration fees, donations) are directly used to support the organization, and your money will be used to cover the costs of the event itself, or to support STORK work more generally, e.g., it will be used toward covering the costs of running the pre-print server SportRxiv ( and our diamond open access journals (


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