The Society for Transparency, Openness, and Replication in Kinesiology (STORK) joins together with NASPSPA for a pre-conference workshop on open-science practices, 2-6pm on Wednesday, June 5th at the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor Baltimore. This fun and informal workshop will cover a range of topics that create more transparent, rigorous, and shareable research practices. With minimal lecturing, experts in the field will guide group discussion and problem solving.

How many participants do I need for a replicable study? Which journals allow self-archiving? Won’t I get scooped if I pre-register my analyses? Join us for the answers to all of these questions and more!

This pre-conference workshop is completely free to members of NASPSPA who have registered for the 2019 Conference, but we do need you to register for the workshop in advance. To register, please contact:

Specific Topics:

  1. Improving Reproducibility and Replicability in Scientific Research
  2. Methods for Data Sharing and Ethical Approval of Data Sharing
  3. Statistical Power and Sample Size: Tools, Tips, and Tricks
  4. Publication and Beyond: Self-Archiving, Pre-Prints, and Registered Reports