Committee Nominees 2020

Rosie Twomey

Institutional Affiliation
Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Candidate Statement
My vision for the role of Outreach Committee Chair is to lead a committee of STORK members who are interested in communicating and promoting the STORK mission ( via engagement across multi-media platforms and at in-person events (including an inaugural STORK conference). The Outreach Committee will require a team of dedicated STORK members with interest or expertise in building and maintaining an online presence, developing and fostering an inclusive STORK community, event planning/management and more. My role will be to guide and oversee the committee and collaborate with you (interested STORK members) to find areas where you can meaningfully contribute to outreach initiatives. Together, we will continue the work of previous committees by coordinating communications between STORK, our membership, and the general public, leveraging membership information to help understand and address potential barriers to engagement/membership, highlighting issues around diversity and inclusion as they relate to STORK, and considering how to meet the unique needs of early-career researchers who are interested in adopting open/replicable research practices. It has been a privilege to be involved with the first year of STORK, and I hope to continue to support the society by chairing the Outreach Committee in 2020. About me: I am an early-career researcher (post-doc) in Canada and first-gen academic from the UK. I am passionate and outspoken about improving kinesiology/sport and exercise science research.