The ExCo has decided to implement a minor restructure of STORK for 2020 to aid the society in its aims. The committee structure will now be made up of four groups. These are: (1) Outreach, (2) Publication, (3) Sustainability, and (4) Scientific. More about the scope of each committee can be found below.

  1. Nominations for Chairs of each group will be sought until the 8th of December.
  2. Only current members may self-nominate for the positions.
  3. Those wishing to self-nominate are asked to email their name, institutional affiliation, and a brief (max. 300-word) candidate statement outlining their vision for the role to
  4. The candidate statements will then be listed on this website for five days while the votes are cast.
  5. Voting will close on the 13th of December at 23:59 GMT.

Only those who hold membership of the society as of the 27th of November 2019 will be invited vote. Please keep an eye on your inbox for details.

Should potential nominees or members have any questions, please get in touch via RIOT or email

Breakdown of the types of activities expected from each committee.

  1. Outreach
    1. The outreach committee combines the efforts of the early career research and diversity committees, and leads marketing efforts to communicate about and promote STORK. 
    2. The outreach committee also organizes conferences, public engagement efforts, and awards. 
    3. The outreach committee will gather and analyze member statistics.
    4. Create consistent and engaging media through both print (i.e., posters, leaflets, and brochures) and digital channels (i.e., website and social media). This may also involve the management of third-party contractors.
  2. Publication
    1. The publication committee chair leads the publication committee, which is responsible for the creation of STORK journals. 
      1. The publication committee acts as a steering board for Registered Reports in Kinesiology and Communications in Kinesiology and appoints editors for each journal. 
      2. The publication committee chair also manages the appeals process at each journal.
    2. The publication chair also manages the operation of SportRxiv.
      1. Sets the rules for moderation and withdrawal policies
      2. Appoints a Chief Review Editor (CRE)
        1. CRE assigns Review Editors to moderate submission on SportRxiv and manage the SportRxiv twitter account.
  3. Sustainability
    1. The sustainability committee ensures that costs are met and funds are raised so that the society can survive, thrive, and be sustained. The sustainability committee also proposes the membership fee and makes suggestions for where the ExCo should allocate funds. 
  4. Scientific
    1. The scientific committee manages STORK-wide collaborations and efforts to raise awareness about open science issues, research practices, and replicability. The scientific committee acts as a node to coordinate meta-science efforts of STORK.

Each committee chair is expected to produce a quarterly report of committee activity. All committees, at the direction of the chair and approval of the executive committee, can form task forces to meet short term goals.