I am chairing the Diversity Committee for STORK and am looking forward to meeting and working with a wide-variety of Kinesiology professionals.


STORK aims to foster an inclusive community that is sensitive to personal and professional backgrounds. Our goal for this year is to cultivate a diverse membership. All members will be involved in conversations about diversity and inclusion and will be encouraged to make recommendations and suggestions to the committee.


My interest in STORK comes from a long-time interest in Open Science in general and Open Access publishing specifically.  I currently am an Associate Professor in Kinesiology at Cal State East Bay.  I have always had undergraduate student involved in my research, although some have gone on to graduate school where they will continue with research the majority will become professionals where they will need to consume, digest and apply the current research. However, when they leave the academic arena their ability to ACCESS current research becomes more difficult.  Thus, I am very interested in promoting rigorous, transparent and openly accessible studies for professionals within and outside of academia.

Vanessa Yingling; Vanessa.yingling@csueastbay.edu