Hello! My name is Matt Boisgontier and I am a neuroscientist, a kinesiologist, and a physiotherapist. I achieved a PhD from the University of Grenoble in 2012 (France). Then, I did a 6-year postdoc at Leuven University (Belgium) including a 1-year visit at the University of British Columbia (Canada), both supported by the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). Since 2016, I have been using longitudinal data including tens of thousands subjects to investigate the determinants of physical activity such as cognitive resources, neighborhood conditions, and adverse childhood events.
I am passionate about physical activity, health, aging, and how the brain works but am always happy to work on other topics. I aim to do open, robust, and replicable science, and to collaborate with clever researchers who are also good people. I do my best to be active on Twitter to support open science practices and try to lead by example. I preprint and publish my data and scripts on public repositories. I am happy to invest time and energy in SportRxiv and STORK because I feel open science is the most important thing our generation of scientists has to achieve and if we fail, there will unlikely be such opportunity in the future again.
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