Hello! My name is John Mills and I am the Executive Chair of STORK. Before entering academia, I worked as a coach (football/soccer) for a decade in a range of professional academies, schools and sports organisations. I have a BSc in Psychology and Childhood Development from Suffolk University and a PhD from the University of Birmingham. My research focuses on how to best support coaches and sports organisations to develop their players both as athletes and people. However, I also conduct research that examines attitudes towards prohibited forms of performance enhancement, how biases affect the selection and recruitment of both athletes and coaches, and how moral identity influences behaviour. I also continue to work with third sector organisations and sports clubs and as such, I feel I have a reasonably solid view from both sides of the research-practice divide.

My background in psychology meant that I was probably ahead of most sport and exercise scientists in terms of becoming aware of some of the issues STORK is now trying to tackle. My background also led me to have a discussion with Brian Nosek which ended in my starting SportRxiv in 2017. I am passionate about making research openly accessible to all and have been preprinting my research since first using PsyArXiv back in March 2017.

In terms of STORK, I started this society as I believe we need a central hub to act as a beacon for those who wish to learn about open science practices and continually strive to do better research. I think many are a little confused by open science practices and I hope STORK can be a place where researchers come to learn and grow together. I also created this society to give ECRs more opportunities for career advancement and to have a greater voice in shaping the field. Many societies and conferences are led by the same people, giving the same keynote talks, which perpetuates the same messages around what is expected to succeed within our fields. The by-laws of STORK limit this happening and will create a constant stream of opportunities/new ideas for how we can do better as a field. I am very pleased with the Executive Committee that has been elected and am proud to have been voted in as the society’s inaugural Executive Committee Chair.