I am Fergus Guppy, a Senior Lecturer in Human Physiology at the University of Brighton. I completed my PhD at Aberystwyth University in 2014 and am primarily interested in bone; particularly how bone responds to mechanical load but also in terms of body composition and interval training.

It was at Aberystwyth that I met John (Mills) back in 2011. We shared a lot of great times and also discussed a lot of the things that we are now tackling at STORK. I am looking forward to the journey that we are all taking together.

I am very interested in public engagement and also in the way that we as scientists have responsibilities for how we can change the way that science is communicated. I am also interested in improving the quality of the way we undertake research, not just exercise science, but also in the life sciences in general.  This has stemmed from working in a Department where researchers are primarily doing animal/cell work and I see many of the same problems are prevalent throughout.

I champion registered reports as well as pre-prints within my Research Centre and have been involved in SportRxiv since the beginning. I am really excited about the development of STORK and where I can see this going in the next few years.