Submission Deadline for Journal Launch: March 31st, 2020.


Communications in Kinesiology accepts submissions from across the discipline of kinesiology, including biomechanics; coaching and sports pedagogy; exercise and sport psychology; physical activity, health, and disease; physiology and nutrition; sensorimotor control; sports medicine and rehabilitation; and training, testing, and performance analysis.

Communications in Kinesiology equally welcomes investigations with positive and null results to reduce publication bias and the file-drawer problem. Therefore, acceptance decisions will not be made based on the study outcomes. Emphasis is placed on full reporting, transparency, disclosure, and data sharing when applicable. Communications in Kinesiology accepts experimental research, observational research, methodological tutorials, opinions, narrative and critical reviews. Observational and experimental research may be original or a replication. 

Article Types

Methodological Tutorials are meant to transfer knowledge of up-to-date methods and software using typical examples, allowing efficient learning.

Opinions are short articles that achieve one or more of the following aims:

1) to discuss important findings recently (3 months) published,

2) to discuss important issues in academia or at the interface of academia and society,

3) to raise awareness about a topic of general interest to kinesiologists and introduce new hypotheses and conceptual models.

Opinion articles are intended for a wide readership (e.g. students, established scientists, sportspersons, policymakers). Therefore, they should be written in a broadly-accessible style.

Narrative and Critical Reviews offer a synthesis, and a balanced account of a specific field. They provide a guide to the most relevant literature and outline prospects for future research.

Observational and Experimental Research Reports are articles reporting new, confirming, and disconfirming findings and should describe the background, purpose, methods, results, and interpretation of the research.

Submission Instructions

Option 1: Manuscripts can be uploaded to SportRxiv as a preprint or via an OSF page. Please insert either the SportRxiv or OSF URL link below.

Option 2: Manuscripts can be sent to Please address each of the questions below in your email.

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