We offer four tiers: (1) Professional, (2) Student, (3) Supporter, and (4) ODA.

First, professional memberships are for those who have achieved a doctorate or are employed within a faculty position. Second, student membership is for those undertaking on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree (e.g., BA, BSc, MSc, MRes, MSD, MPhil). Third, for our friends working outside of academia, we also offer a supporter membership option. This is primarily for those who use SportRχiv or want to support our mission more broadly. Finally, ODA membership is designed to automatically apply a discount in membership fees for those working in low income countries. Please check the DAC list of ODA low income countries to see if you are eligible for our reduced rate.

Should you fall outside of any of these categories or require access to our hardship funds, please contact secretary [at]

Please note that our annual membership plans run from the 1st of January through to the 31st of December.


We also offer a monthly subscription option via Patreon for those who wish to join mid-year. You can pay monthly by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please email secretary [at] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.